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Originaltitel: It ends with us

JUST ONE MORE TIME is the first film adaptation of a novel by Colleen Hoover for the big screen and tells the gripping story of Lily Bloom, a woman who wants to leave her traumatic childhood behind and start a new life in Boston. There she wants to realize her lifelong dream of opening her own business. When they meet the charming neurosurgeon Ryle Kincaid, sparks fly between the two and they feel a deep connection. But when they fall head over heels in love, Lily notices sides of Ryle that remind her of her parents´ relationship. Suddenly Lily´s first great love Atlas Corrigan reappears in her life. This turns her relationship with Ryle upside down. Lily realizes that she must learn to trust in her own strengths. And she has to make a very difficult decision for her future.

Am Donnerstag, den 22. August um 20 Uhr in englischer Originalversion!

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